Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The media cesspool

Here's a recent press report mentioning Robert Menendez (D, Underage Latin Hookers).......

The Miami Herald is reporting that the FBI on Tuesday night raided the office of a doctor whom news reports have linked with embattled Sen. Robert Menendez.......................
Here's my question. What the hell makes this guy "embattled"? Not one media outlet has confronted this derelict about this accusation. In fact, he's doing Sunday morning news shows where the subject isn't even brought up.

Long ago, I lost my naivete about the media's "fairness" meme. For years, I would get frustrated with reporters' inability to ask the obvious follow up question. Now they won't even ask the obvious initial question.

Take the gun control issue. Did one reporter ask the President to look at those kids he hid behind and challenge him to tell those kids that if his law was passed another Sandy Hook would never happen.

How is it that in the Manti Te'o mess not one reporter thought that talking to his girlfriend's family might be a good story.

Or how about an Ambassador being assassinated in a foreign land, and the Secretary of State just flips it aside as "what does it matter?".


If you wonder why people aren't buying newspapers anymore. Look at your business model. 20 pages of the latest Lindsey Lohan gossip was consumed days ago on E!

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