Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Who did he vote for? #01843

Meet Tyrone Freeman. Why is Mr. Freeman in the news?

A onetime rising star in national labor circles who headed California's biggest union local was convicted Monday on federal charges that he stole tens of thousands of dollars from his low-income members.

Tyrone Freeman, who represented about 190,000 homecare workers as a leader of the Service Employees International Union, was found guilty on 14 counts after a 10-day trial in Los Angeles.

Jurors deliberated two and a half days before returning their verdict. The trial followed a nearly four-year investigation triggered by a series of Times reports on Freeman's financial practices.

"This was a case about abuse and betrayal," U.S. Atty. André Birotte Jr. said in a statement after the verdict. "Freeman abused his position as leader of the SEIU, and he betrayed the hardworking people whose interests he was supposed to represent."

"He betrayed the hard working people whose interest he was supposed to represent" Doesn't that describe every democrat in politics?

So in the last election, did Tyrone pull the chain for Mitt or Barry?


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