Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Barack Obama - Passive Aggressive Bully

Let's see, when a group of tea partiers threatens his kingdom he's all macho.....hiding behind IRS agents to do his dirty work.

When a reporter threatens the kingdom he's all gung ho behind his AG's illegal wiretaps.

But when this guy is face to face with a real tough guy his spine has all the consistency of Jello. See Vladimir Putin, who, I'm surprised, hasn't told Obama to bow to him and make him say uncle.

But never fear. There's always a group of libs to hide behind when trouble alerts. Remember last year when Sandra Fluke let him hide behind her skirt when he offered her free birth control for life?

Or how about this week when he'll hide behind the skirt of environmentalists by offering them everything they want.......

President Obama is launching fresh battles over climate change with plans to curb emissions using executive powers that sidestep Congress — including controversial rules to cut carbon pollution from existing power plants. [WATCH VIDEO]

The wide-ranging plan, which Obama will tout in a speech later Tuesday, also beefs up federal efforts to help deploy low-carbon and renewable energy, and has programs to help harden communities against climate-fueled extreme weather.

Actually, he's not a bully at all. He's a big time p%$y!


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