Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Where's the compassion?

As I've repeated incessantly on this blog, I'm not a conservative for me. The Gekko's have a great enough lifestyle that we're going to do well regardless of what liberal shitbag gets thrown in front of us. We have the resources to bypass all of it.

I'm a conservative for the least of us. What that means is this. When the Obamunists increase the price of utilities as a result of their environmental policies who gets hurt the most......

1) Warren Buffett?
2) A CPA in Redville, Ohio?
3) A retiree living exclusively on Social Security?
4) Lebron James?
5) An airline pilot?

Last week, while watching The Five, Mrs. Gekko made the comment that something Bob Beckel said was seemingly not so liberal.

I told her that there were two types of liberals, your Teamster working guy types and your Greenpeace types. Beckel is of the Teamster variety.

See, Teamsters would be all about building the Keystone pipeline.........it's all about jobs.......union jobs. Greenpeace? They wouldn't give two dirts about jobs for the least of us.

I just wish someone in the freakin' GOP would lay it out like Ross Douthat does here...........

After all, gun control, immigration reform and climate change aren’t just random targets of opportunity. They’re pillars of Acela Corridor ideology, core elements of Bloombergism, places where Obama-era liberalism overlaps with the views of Davos-goers and the Wall Street 1 percent. If you move in those circles, the political circumstances don’t necessarily matter: these ideas always look like uncontroversial common sense.

Step outside those circles, though, and the timing of their elevation looks at best peculiar, at worst perverse. The president decided to make gun control legislation a major second-term priority ... with firearm homicides at a 30-year low. Congress is pursuing a sharp increase in low-skilled immigration ... when the foreign-born share of the American population is already headed for historical highs. The administration is drawing up major new carbon regulations ... when actual existing global warming has been well below projections for 15 years and counting.

What’s more, on the issues that Americans actually prioritize — jobs, wages, the economy — it’s likely that both immigration reform and whatever the White House decides to do on greenhouse gases will make the short-term picture somewhat worse. The Congressional Budget Office’s recent analysis of the immigration bill errs on the side of optimism, but it still projects that the legislation would leave unemployment “slightly elevated” through 2020, and average wages modestly reduced. Given that similar estimates greeted the Waxman-Markey cap-and-trade bill in 2009, it’s reasonable to assume that carbon regulations would slightly raise the unemployment rate as well.

These costs might be more acceptable in a world where Washington was also readying, say, payroll tax relief for working-class families, or measures to help the long-term uninsured. But since those ideas currently lack constituencies in the capital, we’re left with the peculiar spectacle of a political class responding to a period of destructive long-term unemployment with an agenda that threatens to help extend that crisis toward 2020 and beyond.

Do you think that all those libs on the Upper West Side give a shit if some poor retirees freeze to death because they couldn't pay their utility bills.

All you have to do is look at what senor Obama has done for his family to answer correctly.


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