Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Who did he vote for? #561

Normally, these blog posts are reserved for various derelicts who have committed some inane or ridiculous crime or some sort of other act of idiocy.

However, this crime is not of a humorous nature but it seems to me that if this were a republican appointee, we would have heard about it a thousand times over already.........

Prosecutors on Monday laid out their case in court. They say on June 5th, the suspect, Paul Mannina, arrived at his female friend and co-workers home.

She says once inside, Mannina came up behind her shocked her with a stun gun, maced her and beat her so badly he shattered bones in her face. He also ripped her clothing off, authorities say.

Initially, the victim told police she did not remember who attacked her. But within a couple days, she acknowledged it was a man she had worked with for more than two decades.

The victim's husband was in court Monday. Prosecutors say his wife pleaded with Mannina not to kill her. She said suddenly he ended his assault said to her that he had lost control and left.

Mannina and the victim worked together at the Department of Labor. He was a lawyer on the fourth floor in the solicitors department. The alleged victim invited the longtime co-worker whom she acknowledges had a crush on her over for coffee.

So in the last election did this idiot vote for Obama or Romney?

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