Monday, June 17, 2013

Why I'm a conservative

I don't think there's anything that tugs on my emotions more than these situations.......

The owner of Cosmic Pizza in Hartwell was mortally wounded Saturday night within earshot of his wife and three young children, neighbors say.

Cincinnati police said Richard Evans, with multiple gunshot wounds, was found outside the pizza shop near Woodsdale Avenue and Vine Street after a robbery attempt on Saturday.

Neighbor Margot Madison dialed 911 after Evans’ wife waved down her car right after the shooting. Madison took care of the three children immediately after the robbery attempt. She said the children know what happened, but it hasn’t sunk in.

“I don’t think they understand ... (the 8-year-old son) said ‘Somebody shot my daddy,’” she said.

Evans’ wife told Madison a man came into the store claiming he’d ordered a pizza. The shooter aroused Evans’ suspicion by trying to get into a back area, prompting Evans to tell him the area was closed. The shooter then reached over the counter, trying to grab money from the cash register.

Another neighbor, Bill Wesley, a 58-year-old factory worker, was inside his home when he noticed police out front. He came outside and saw police comforting his dying friend.

Evans died on Wesley’s front lawn.

I'm going to go out on a limb here. The pile of excrement who committed this crime probably has a rap sheet the length of a football field. Instead of inflicting pain on a hard working family on Father's Day, he should have been behind bars for other crimes.

But it wasn't a pack of conservatives who let this guy out. It was a bunch of bleeding heart liberals who wanted to give this piece of shit another try at working in a civilized world.

And this guy wasn't committing these crimes out here in Redville where he would have been blasted to the hell he belongs in. Instead, liberals unleashed this animal back into their own communities. Victimizing the least of us.

As I've said on this blog a hundred times. I'm not a conservative for me. I live in a low crime area and our community will work to keep it that way. I'm a conservative for guys like Richard Evans.....workin' schleps trying to make a buck in a tough world.

And if conservatives like me would have been in charge of the "Progress" City of Cincinnati, this douche bag would never have been able to make victims out of the least of us..... He would have been in jail.

When he gets arrested, we'll find out how right I am.

May God bless Richard Evans and his family.


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