Friday, July 26, 2013

How nice red areas turn into Detroit style dumps #1

Governments forget that government is, in fact, a consumable item.

Most government leaders fail to understand that people consume government just like they would groceries.

Intrinsically, when we all choose to live in a certain area, we all do a cost/benefit analysis. It's no different than buying a gallon of milk in a Walmart versus your local convenience store. We may be willing to pay more for some extra convenience, but there ultimately becomes a point when the costs way out way any benefits.

Governments need to understand that they are selling a consumable good and that consumers ultimately are not willing to pay for things they do not want.

Think of it like going into a grocery store picking up a loaf of bread that costs $1.29 but in order to purchase the bread you also need to pay for a dozen eggs.

That store won't be around long.

The same is true for a government that charges you for roads, police and fire protection but forces you to pay for stuff you have no interest in like a "Department of Culture" or a "Sister Cities" department.

Take my nice Red village of Maineville, Ohio. We have six departments, Fire, Police, Finance, Streets, Zoning and Mayor's Court.

Compare that to the city of Detroit, where there are well over 50 departments.

But hey, maybe Maineville needs a department for "Special Events and Films".

And the day Maineville finds a need for a "Resource Recovery Authority" and "Angel Night" Departments, the current residents will be long gone.

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