Saturday, July 27, 2013

How nice red areas turn into Detroit style dumps #2

Governments not knowing who the customer is.

If I were to ask you to identify the customer in a local school district, I would guess that over 90% of the population would answer "students".

But actually, the customer is the taxpayer. You know, the people actually picking up the tab.

The taxpayer is the customer is for every governmental service provided. Unfortunately, government employees use the term "clients" when discussing welfare recipients or the people who they are engaged with as a result of their particular field of service.

As a result, the taxpayer, specifically very rich taxpayers, (you know the ones picking up the tab) get ignored at best and in some cases are actually persecuted by these governments.

You may remember when David Paterson, governor of New York, derided Rush Limbaugh and basically said Rush wasn't welcome in New York.

Well that's the feeling that all rich people feel when it comes to governmental services. And if you're not feeling the love despite footing the bill you'll ultimately do what most of the rich and famous do.


Little was made of Dwight Howard leaving the Los Angeles Lakers for the Houston Rockets this summer. But by simply playing in Houston over LA, he'll be putting over a million dollars in his pocket by simply signing the same contract in Texas.

And if you don't think that goes into the thinking of where capitalists put their businesses, you're probably contributing to your inevitable Detropia of a society.

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