Saturday, October 05, 2013

Who did he vote for? #671

Meet Garry Beaufort.

Why is Garry in the news?
Wilmington police today arrested and charged a Pennsylvania man with assault, saying a store’s surveillance video showed him punching a former Marine who was running in the city Wednesday on a cross-country run to draw attention to veterans' issues.
Police confirmed the assault was made “suddenly and without provocation,” offering no motive for the attack on the charity runner.

J. Brendan O’Toole, 26, of Alexandria, Va., on Wednesday night told The News Journal he was running about 3:40 p.m. that day in the area of Sixth and Market streets, greeting those he passed, when he suddenly was slugged in the face and knocked to the ground.

Within hours, the safety ambassadors found a man matching that description sleeping in a doorway in the 100 block of N. Market St., Ivey said.

They contacted police, who took the suspect into custody without incident, he said.
Garry Beauford, 21, of Chester, was charged with second-degree assault and remains in custody tonight at Wilmington Police Headquarters awaiting arraignment, Ivey said.

Wilmington Police Chief Christine Dunning issued a statement praising the officers’ swift investigative action and crediting the cooperative effort of the business community.

“Violence on our streets is unacceptable,” she said. “When we work together, we send the message that it will not be tolerated.”

In the last election did Garry here vote for the The Obama or The Romney? 


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