Wednesday, November 06, 2013

A wager opportunity for a liberal

If you are a lefty, you gotta love two things.

1) New York elects a socialist/marxist/communist as their mayor.

2) Making a conservative, like me, eat his words and enrich you by taking $1,000 out of my pocket.

So let's combine the two and make it happen.

I'll let you pick any objective (ie measurable) quality of life index. It could be school performance, unemployment, tax rates, crime rates, income distribution, etc. You pick the measurement.

At the end of Bill DeBlasio's four year term, if that measurment is better, I'll deliver 10 crisp $100.00 bills to you, to a place and time of your choice.

If you lose, you bring the same to me.

Now is the chance you've been waiting for, making some conservative pay for a couple of months of your new Obamacare policy.

Of course, I do have some history on my side. I remember Ed Koch, David Dinkins and bums sleeping in Times Square.

None the less, show me you have some guts and let's get it on.

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