Monday, November 04, 2013

Gordon loses his PCP

Obamacare hits home.

The Lovely Mrs. Gekko has been on my back to get a physical. Which at 50 I know that means a colonoscopy, prostate checks and the like.

I've been putting it off all summer but Friday I decided to call and set up my appointment only to find out that my doc moved on to the VA a year ago (BTW thank you for letting me know).

I liked my doc because he was my age so any inflictions I might have he could relate to. But I knew the last time I saw him, he wasn't going to be up for all this new crap.

He wanted to practice medicine, he wasn't a business man. For kicks, I'm sure he'd rather be checking out X-rays than receivable agings.

What's interesting is that his remaining partners are not taking on new clients but they referred me to a Dr Bahti. I'm not a racist but I am a linguist. I insist on being able to understand what my doc is telling me.

So now I have to go through the manual to see who is approved under my wife's plan, see that they are taking new patients and get in for an appointment.

Our industrious president would call this an opportunity to shop. I'm calling it out as a pain in the ass.

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