Thursday, December 05, 2013

Why are criminals targeting students?

The University of Cincinnati wants Hamilton County judges to crack down on “predatory targeting” of UC students on or near the main campus.

“You have the ability to send a clear, forceful and reverberating message to criminals and the broader community that predatory targeting of UC students will have severe consequences,” UC President Santa Ono and Cincinnati Police Chief Jeffrey Blackwell wrote to the county’s Common Pleas Court judges Nov. 19. “We respectfully ask that you do so whenever possible.”

The letter, which judges describe as unprecedented from one of the city’s colleges, underscores just how critical the perception of an unsafe area around campus has become at UC.

UC insists that burglaries and simple assaults are declining. It has spent more than $200,000 on off-duty patrols, cameras and lights in the blocks surrounding campus

“Even so, our students continue to be victimized as a troubling rate that is simply unacceptable,” Ono and Blackwell wrote.

Now you might ask, why would criminals targeting students. Well, they've got lots of toys, Ipads, Ipods, all kinds of Istuff.

You know what they don't have? Guns. Because the University has banned weapons from the campus. So when these kids step off of campus grounds, it's like chum for sharks.

Seriously, it's a basic cost/benefit principle. You'd think a college president would know better.


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