Saturday, January 25, 2014

Are we surprised?

You can call me a paranoid crank. But seriously, should we be surprised by these brown shirt attacks on Christians when clowns like Governor Cuomo makes a public statement that anti abortion foes are not welcome in their state? When the IRS attacks conservative groups? When prosecutors in Wisconsin storm trooper their way into people's homes and confiscate computers? This is the side benefit of our elected official's actions...... link here A long time ago I heard Dennis Prager state that the world is in a three way struggle for power. One of those factions is Islamic, fascist, dictatorships. Another faction are Humanist, Euro socialist, democracies and the last are Judeo-Christian, free market, republics. People in the Judeo Christian faiths have been passive about pushing their beliefs on others. We we all better wake up because these others are working hard to extinguish us off the face of the earth. It's not like Andrew Cuomo kept the secret.

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