Thursday, January 23, 2014

President Billary

One of the things that blows me away is our media's incredible loss of short term memory. Even on the stories they cover...........

Time magazine’s cover this week asks, “Can Anyone Stop Hillary?” The answer to that question is yes, but you’d never know it judging by the overwhelming belief among Democratic insiders that the party’s 2016 presidential nomination is simply Hillary Clinton’s for the asking.

Let's flashback to this same election cycle point in 2006. Who exactly was the can't lose candidate back then?

If you can remember that oh so long ago, it was the Billary. In fact, no one had even heard of this empty suit we currently have in the White House.

The only pol that was within a can of hair spray from her was John Edwards.

So what if Cory Booker runs this next cycle. How inevitable will the Billary be?


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