Tuesday, January 14, 2014

If you judge it, it's not a sport

I have a recurring debate with my bubbas as to what is and is not a sport.

In my mind, any competition where there's an objective, measurable, score, time, height, weight, etc. counts as a sport.

If you have to judge it? Not a sport.

That eliminates nearly every X-game exhibition where reputation makes up 75% of the score.

It also eliminates figure skating, where judging results rival boxing in corrupt scoring.

Seriously, why even have a competition as to who makes the Olympic team, if you're not going to follow the results..........

The names on the U.S. Olympic figure skating team were still supposed to be a secret, so Ashley Wagner slipped under the stands to cry.

Hours after a performance she described as a "tearful little wimp out on the ice," the two-time national champion was picked to go to the Sochi Games. She finished a distant fourth at the U.S. Championships on Saturday night, and only three American women make the Olympics. But this event isn't the only criteria U.S. Figure Skating takes into account.

"If you look at Ashley Wagner's record and performance, she's got the top credentials of any of our female athletes," said the organization's president, Patricia St. Peter.

For those who say, "Gee Gordon, figure skating is hard", I say so is spitting a watermelon seed 50 feet.


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