Tuesday, January 14, 2014

While we're talking about judging

Hall of Fames have been in the news lately.

Let's start with the rock and roll hall of fame. Linda Ronstadt? Seriously? Linda Ronstadt was a cute karaoke singer. Many of her hits were cover songs. She wrote hardly anything. Exactly how was rock and roll advanced, changed or altered as a result of her career?

Cat Stevens? a couple of top en hits puts you in the hall of fame?

I think it's getting clear that there are way too many people in the rock and roll hall of fame.


In my wildest dreams, I can't imagine how a DH gets into the hall of fame. Seriously, consider that you are considered one of the top players in the history of the game, and you don't have enough talent to play the field on a mediocre baseball team?

My criteria for the baseball hall of fame has always been lifetime stats but also the criteria of were you the best player at your position in your era. I guess Frank Thomas was the preeminent player at a position not even recognized by half the league.


Anonymous said...

Ronstadt, the most gorgeous , versatile voice of the rock and roll era. She is a seminal figure in the combining of folk, country and rock with a passionate instrument unmatched by female vocalists. Without her there would't be alternative anything. Dude, you don't know your music history. Karaoke my arse. Wouldn't let you touch my taxes.

gordon gekko said...

Sorry it's been so long to respond to your comment.

First, you didn't say anything about Cat Stevens. Are you in agreement on that.

Second, I would be willing to bet that if I asked anyone over the age of 40 (to eliminate young people who don't know anything) who would be in the top ten female influences in rock and roll, Linda Ronstadt's name would even come up once.

Third, I can't think of one performer, who said that Ronstadt was one of his/her influences. Sheryl Crow might be the only popular artist that would have any lineage to Ronstadt.

Fourth, Pat Benatar has had more influence in rock and roll than Linda Ronstadt and she's not in yet.

Fifth, what does "gorgeous" have to do with anything.

Sixth, my criteria for getting into the rock and roll hall of fame is how is rock and roll different because of said artist(s) contribution. If rock and roll never had Ronstadt no one would have noticed.

Finally, if your income mirrors your musical knowledge, you wouldn't be a client of mine anyway. However, I can refer you to a nice HR Block or Jackson Hewitt office near you.