Monday, May 26, 2014

Instead of gun control how about some parental control

(Warning ......This post is rated NC -17 for foul content)

The more I read about this asshole in Santa Barbara the more I want to beat the hell out of his parents.


To start with, their ability after the fact to blame the NRA for his ability to purchase guns.


Let's start with the fact that in all these stories, not one mentions his relationships with his coworkers.

What's the significance of that you might ask?

Because to have co workers you would need to have a fucking job. Has anyone asked how this shit head was able to buy 3 - 9mm pistols? Where did he get the money?  In Ohio, these guns would cost at least $400 a piece. I'm thinking that in California the cost would exceed $1500. Did either of his parents look at a credit card bill and say "shit Junior what did you buy at Bob's Gun Shop for $1500?".

The cops found 41 magazines in his possession. I just bought 2 magazines for my Ruger .380 LCP and they cost about $38 a piece. 40-10 round clips I would think would be $40; $1600 all together.

The ammo probably cost an extra $200.00

So this kid had the ability to purchase $3200.00 of guns and ammo with what? His charming good looks and rants about sorority girls?

Let's not forget the BMW and Armani sunglasses he was tooling around in to deliver his death sentences.

This kid was a hot mess and you let him have carte blanche purchasing power?

Fortunately, gun advocates have been able to switch the debate from one of guns to one of mental health. But this kid, like many of the others, had a lot of access to mental health services. I'd be willing to bet nearly all of them have been on psychotropic drugs. All of them had access to guns, not because there was a market to buy them but because, the people closest to these douche bags paid for them.

This punk needed less mental health treatment and more ass beatings in his life. Less gun control and more emotional impulse training. More parental involvement and less free time to pursue jerk off activities like hours playing videos games.

Let's face it. Had this punk actually had to get a job and work for those guns he might have slipped into a more productive use for his time and money.

The bottom line is this putrid piece of shit was delivered to the public from his parent in a kick ass BMW. If they made him get a job, he at least would have use some of that money for gas instead of another magazine.

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