Thursday, May 29, 2014

The product of non scoring soccer games

Below are three people in the news that have no relation to one another except for a being raised in  a culture that's done nothing but boost their little one's self esteem without accomplishment.

Let's take Santa Barbara shooter boy. He lacked confidence, so instead of challenging him with some good old fashion hard work for a paycheck, they bought him a BMW to help him build his confidence.......

.....He blamed his parents for his lack of wealth......

.... It was his working mother's generosity to her adult son, including paying his rent and the gift of a used BMW 328i, that allowed Rodger to live in the college community of Isla Vista. He bought his three handguns with money saved from gifts from grandparents and the $500 a month his father sent him, according to Rodger's writing......

Then you have this Occupy Wall Street punk who is on trial for assaulting a cop............

The jailed Occupy Wall Street protester who defiantly basked in the spotlight while on trial for elbowing a cop threw a tantrum as she was dragged into court on separate case Wednesday.
Cecily McMillan, 25, loudly wailed as she was led into the courtroom in handcuffs with her hair tied up messily and her gray T-shirt untucked. The sobbing continued throughout the first part of the brief Manhattan Criminal Court hearing at which prosecutors offered her community service and possible anger management and counseling in exchange for a guilty plea.
“She’s not happy — like every other inmate at Rikers Island,” said her attorney, Martin Stolar, after the hearing.
Stolar said crying had to do with the Department of Correction not giving her the right court day outfit, and because court staff would not take her handcuffs off in accordance with normal procedure for inmates.

Really? Big, bad ass, protestor can't do without her correct outfit?

And then we have Sandra Fluke who seems to believe that a middle class Catholic family in Kansas City should pay for her birth control while she loans her political campaign $100,000.........

Sandra Fluke, the free-birth-control and women's rights advocate, has complained over the course of her campaign for California State Senate that women do not have equal access to campaign funds as men do. Yet Fluke loaned herself $100,000 in campaign funds for the race in the 26th district, according to a new report by Bloomberg News.

Fluke has led fundraising in the race over the past two months. Her female Democratic rival, Manhattan Beach Mayor Amy Howorth, has the most cash-on-hand, trumping the top male candidate in the race, Ben Allen. (Allen is also the beneficiary of large independent expenditures by businessman Bill Bloomfield.)

Two of Fluke's campaign mailers mention her famous 2012 tussle with radio host Rush Limbaugh. One says: "Sandra Fluke Fought Rush Limbaugh and Won. Imagine What She Will DO in Sacramento," Bloomberg notes. A copy of the mailer can be found on Fluke's Facebook page by clicking here.

Bloomberg News also notes that Fluke and her husband own a home in West Hollywood--where the median home value is $645,000--which they bought before she went to law school at Georgetown.

In all these cases, we have almost a pathological belief among these people that they deserve everything because they simply exist. In the first two cases we can see the results when these people are finally confronted with adversity. And it's pretty ugly.

Thank you Dr. Spock and the baby boomers for inflicting these heathens on sane society.

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