Thursday, September 04, 2014

Liberalism, siccing the predators on their communities

I'm a law and order type of conservative. Do the crime and do the crime.

But why should I care if liberals want to set criminals loose on society? Take any poor, crime ridden area. When the criminals get released, do they come to my area in Redville? No. They head right back to to "Progress" City where they can continue victimizing their communities.

Never has there been a more clear example of this than a recent killing here in Cincinnati.

Deters believes the Aug. 19 shooting deaths in Avondale of Antwon Ward and Tywaune Thomas might have been prevented had Hunter sent Thomas to juvenile prison as prosecutors asked. Instead, Hunter, in an October 2013 sentencing, ordered Thomas to undergo outpatient drug treatment, to attend school and be placed on house arrest wearing an electronic device to monitor his whereabouts, Deters said.

"Judge Hunter has consistently said that she is doing this 'for the children.' Well, now we have a dead one," a statement issued by Deters office Thursday morning states.

Prosecutors asked for a prison term because Thomas was convicted of trafficking in heroin, his 37th conviction as a juvenile. Because Thomas also had a history, prosecutors said, of running away from unsecured facilities and violating his house arrest, they asked that he be sent to juvenile prison until age 21, the maximum sentence.

Thomas would have been in prison, Deters noted, on Aug. 19 when authorities said he shot and killed Ward in the 500 block of Carplin Avenue. Thomas then was shot and killed by an unnamed third person.

"Her campaign to not incarcerate violent juveniles has been a disaster," Deters said. "This should come as no surprise."

Certainly no surprise to me which is why I moved to the 'burbs. Judge Hunter can keep those criminals right where she wants them. In her neighborhood.

Seriously, Democrats wouldn't have to keep importing immigrant voters if they simply prevented the killing of their existing constituency.


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