Thursday, November 06, 2014

Life in "Progress" City - Brooklyn edition

She’ll have her home back soon. 

An elderly swindle victim will finally reclaim her family home thanks to a Queens judge, who on Wednesday told the ex-con who allegedly forged her deed that he has ​10 days to move out. 

Darrell Beatty, 49, was ordered to vacate the disputed Laurelton Tudor three-bedroom, along with his two sons and their pit bull. If he’s not gone in 10 days, the sheriff’s office will do a forced eviction. 

“He’s a squatter,” Queens Housing Court Judge Inez Hoyos said in ordering Beatty to leave the property, which has been in the family of Jennifer Merin, 70, since 1931.

Beatty was in court in a failed bid to stave off eviction. Prosecutors say he filed a fraudulent deed to the home in February, claiming that he, not Merin, was the rightful owner.

How is this guy not in prison for fruad?


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