Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Those racist, sexist, xenophobe, homophobe republicans

Remind me again how republicans are racist when.............

Tim Scott, a black man, wins South Carolina in a rout. I guess all those cross burning tea partiers were too tired to vote against him. BTW Scott got more votes than Mr. Milquetoast Lindsay Graham. How the hell did that happen.

Mia Love, wins in Utah. Jesus, those conservative Mormans must have thought the election was next week.

They're sexist when.........

Moore Capito in WV and Ernst in Iowa won. Couldn't their misogynistic, neanderthal husbands keep them chained in the kitchen?

They're anti Hispanic Xenophobes when.............

Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are kicking ass in the senate and look to be contenders for the GOP nomination two years from now. Is it the Dream Act that keeps the GOP from deporting them?

They're homophobes when..........

Carl DeMaio, an openly gay republican wins. Maybe they're hoping for some gender re-identification.

If you were to listen to the major networks, you would probably believe that all of us white guys would be spending the morning having our traditional victory breakfast at your local country club where we discuss such topics as how we can use our power to hold down blacks, how we can keep our bitches in line, and how we can deport more Hispanics.

Do you think all this might shift that media paradigm? Maybe Chuck Todd might push back when a democrat claims a "war on women", "a war on immigrants" "a war on blacks", "a war on gays"

Don't hold your breath.

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