Friday, October 22, 2010

We all make mistakes

David Zucker is embarrassed by the fact that he once donated to a Barbara Boxer campaign.....

I’d like to thank Right Change (who sponsored and are planning an ad campaign to support the spot) and all the wonderful actors and crew who volunteered for the “Call Me Madam” video.

I was motivated to do something on this after I saw the video of Barbara Boxer interrogating the General.

I remember immediately feeling embarrassed that a member of Congress would treat an officer of the U.S. military like that. And doubly embarrassed that back in the early 90’s I had contributed to Barbara Boxer’s campaign. I was so outraged at the pure arrogance of that moment, that I sat down to write the spot, highlighting the pure absurdity of our California Senator dressing down a General for calling her “Ma’am.” No Naked Gun or Scary Movie ever had an opportunity as good as that one for pure ridicule. Never mind that the military are instructed to call their superiors including members of congress ‘Sir’ or ‘Ma’am’, including specifically, Members of Congress!

I was trying to think what would be more embarrassing........... being rescued by paramedics after being chained to a bed wearing nothing but a ball gag and leather chaps or voting for Howard Metzenbaum.

I did one of those but I'm too ashamed to come right out and own it.


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