Thursday, November 04, 2010

The bright side

I read this column by Jim Geraghty and it had me thinking of the senate we could have had if conservatives had simply supported the conventional "electable" republican instead of who we ended up with.


Charlie Crist instead of Marco Rubio

Arlen Specter instead of Pat Toomey (Specter would never have switched parties if he would have had an unopposed republican primary)

Trey Grayson instead of Rand Paul

George Voinovich instead of Rob Portman ( I consider Rinovich's retirement a save face in lieu of a primary ass kicking )

Bob Bennett instead of Mike Lee

Now let's assume that these guys would have won over the tea party/more conservative candidates in the primary and would have won the general.

And let's assume the conventional wisdom that if the following would have won their primary over tea party/more conservative candidates (and hence, the general election) to give the GOP a Senatorial majority.

Mike Castle (DE)
Lisa Murkowski (AK) (I throw her in over Joe Miller even though she probably be in anyway)
Sue Lowden (NV)
Jane Norton (CO)
Tom Campbell (CA)

Would you trade a majority with this cast of hemorrhoids over a minority with what we have?

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