Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Good news - bad news

Good news - The map to the right are the congressional districts highlighted by reps. Red for GOP, Blue for Dems. Really hard to say that it wasn't a big time ass kicking last night.

Bad news - GOP didn't take the Senate.

Good news - The GOP didn't take the senate. Frankly, if the GOP had taken the senate, I think there would be too many Grahamnesty's, Snowe's Collin's etc. who would love to cross sides to prove that they'll "work with the president's agenda" which just happens to be a socialist one. The House will be the stopgate for further stupidity.

Good news - The GOP brought a number of minority candidates to the dance. Do you think the MSM will recognize that without the Tea Party support, the GOP would have just kept fielding the same old white guys to these spots.

Bad News - None of the Legion of Doom heads (Frank, Boxer, Brown, Reid) went down. But enough of their minions bit the dust for them to make the taste less bitter.

Good news - Ohio state offices where swept by the GOP. Maybe they'll make state government work once and for all unlike the Rinovich/Taft GOP that preceeded them.

Bad news - California decided that it was important to keep up the reputation as a liberal utopia.

Good news - They won't be able to blame one damn republican when the state collapses in fiscal disarray.

Bad news - Some of the Tea Party senate candidates got their asses handed to them. The conventional wisdom is that it cost the GOP a senate majority.

Good news - Imagine a senate populated with Charlie Crist's, Mike Castle's, Lisa Murkowski's et al. I'd rather go down in principle than have these party thugs tell us how we need to compromise to get along.

Bad news - Dino Rossi will have yet another election stolen from him.

Good news- Future republicans no longer need to worry about their democratic opposition. Their opposition is coming earlier for them.

Bad news - we will never be able to trust a republican to uphold the "brand" of conservatism. The work of tea partiers just started with the need to spotlight the RINO's continued efforts to do the spineless.

Good news- How historical was the House trouncing? Everyone wants to compare it to 1994. But what gets lost in the conventional wisdom is that due to pension law changes for members of congress, many democrats retired prior to the '94 election (22), leaving many open seats for the GOP to win. That wasn't the case here. Many of these incumbents were powerful committee chairs. For those to go down, truly took a tidal wave of anti incumbent sentiment.

Bad news - The media will spin the loss of the senate as a negative for the GOP. But seriously, the dems didn't flip one senate race and only won one of the open races (WV). How ugly was that?


Anonymous said...

The left is harping on the fact that republicans didn't do as well in the senate as the house. Hogwash. They did better in the senate when looking at seats in play. Republicans flipped 18% of the senate seats in play and only flipped 14% of the house (which is still a huge number).

Anonymous said...

Also the tea party is also being questioned on their 'choices' of candidates. I think the TP should continue doing it's thing. The right way to look at this is which candidates the tea party won't support: i e RINOs. When the final chapter is written on the '10 election, it will be clear that the tea party's biggest influence will be on the behavior in of the 33 senators up for election in '12. (can you hear me Olympia Snowe?)

There will be no more RNC force feeding of blue republican RINOs to the conservative base. Translation: I'd rather have a democrat Chis Coons as senator than a RINO Mike Castle. The latter allows failures of liberal policy to be put on republican shoulders.

Bbeq said...

I'm very, very happy with the results here in PA. Joe "job offer" Sestak was denied and Corbett took governor. BUT I still feel like putting a big sign in my yard that reads "Don't get cocky Republicans, we don't trust *you* either..."

And (to beat one of my points to absolute death) am I glad I'm no longer in California! Governor Moonbeam???

Anonymous said...

Bbeq!! I'm with you 100%. Republicans, be afraid. Be very afraid. I would love to see the tea party really shake things up these next few years. I wouldn't mind seeing some republican incumbents knocked off if they stray. And I want a very long drawn out ugly republican presidential primary. A heavily contested primary would be very good for the party. And no more McCains.