Friday, November 05, 2010

Red State - Blue State

I ran across the above map detailing the senate races by county. (If someone can find this map for the house races I would appreciate you forwarding it to me.)

Much like the 2000 and 2004 election, what we see is that most of the country is naturally red. The blue spots are, for the most part, confined to the country's urban centers. Even the bluest of states, California, is mostly red outside of the population centers on the coast.

Once again, I throw out the following question to my "progressive" readers.

Under what criteria is life in our urban areas better than life in the red areas?

Would it be unemployment?
Would it be crime rates?
How about schools?
Fiscal/Budget emergencies?
Access to amenities (shopping, parking, jobs)?

I cannot think of one reasonable quality where living in a blue area would be preferable to life in "Redville". Our once great American cities are dumps, arm pits, shit holes, compared to life in "Redville"

But you don't have to take my word for it. Follow the demographics. The population flight out of cities rivals The Exodus. However, instead of Pharaoh, our cities have rulers called the Democratic Party.

In fact, in most of the cities, you couldn't find a republican in city government with a Chilean Miner rescue team.

It's clear that democratic rule turns areas to crap. We have no better example than New York City. Compare the city under the rule of Ed Koch and David Dinkins versus Mike Bloomberg and Rudy Giuliani (keep in mind these guys aren't conservative, just not Soviet bloc socialists).

A while back, I read a piece by some liberal who claimed that the country should divide itself by blue states and red states so liberals would get all the great states like California and Washington while conservatives would be relegated to "the slave states".

But in reality, it's simpler than that. Liberals would get to live in wonderful "progressive" meccas like Detroit, East St. Louis, Los Angeles, Gary Indiana, Cleveland, Youngstown, Toledo, etc.

What I don't get is how liberals, who claim to be more cerebral than your average conservative neanderthal, can't get their arms around the fact that all the stuff they run is totally dysfunctional.

Maybe someday they'll learn. None the less, soon they're going to learn it the hard way in CA and NY.


Anonymous said...

Though it is completely unrelated, blue district poverty is reason number one why I believe global warming to be a scientific hoax.

The revered practices of statistics, mathematics, history, and economics should back up what is obvious: that liberalism fails to deliver higher quality of life. Yet scholars tell us they see no link. Yet these same scientists want us to believe they can prove the faint link between co2 and global warming.

Trusting today's acedemic science is like living in a building built by the Unabomber.

Anonymous said...

Gordon, a House of Representatives "color" map can be found at:


Scott S.