Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Branch Gorvidians have a mental illness

So when it gets warmer, it's evidence of global warming. When it gets colder that's also evidence of global warming?

There were two silent calls, followed by a message left on my voicemail. She had a soft, gentle voice and a mid-Wales accent. "You are a liar, Mr Monbiot. You and James Hansen and all your lying colleagues. I'm going to make you pay back the money my son gave to your causes. It's minus 18C and my pipes have frozen. You liar. Is this your global warming?" She's not going to like the answer, and nor are you. It may be yes.

How about this theory. Maybe it's because of global cooling that it's getting warmer in other parts of planet earth..........


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Anonymous said...

I might be inclined to take the global warming crowd seriously if their "scientific" statement of the problem had a scientific solution.

GW Scientist: "We have 25,000 scientists doing experiments and all of them have concluded that man made GW exists."

Skeptic: "So what's the solution?"

GW Scientist: "Well first, it's time to stop questioning the science because it's settled science and that would distract us from the goal."

Skeptic: "Which is?"

GW Scientist: "Stop the warming."

Skeptic: "How? What science do you propose? Nuclear energy? A new solar technology?"

GW Scientist: "No. Taxes. Lots of taxes and wealth redistribution. All 25,000 of us have decided that there are no scientific solutions. We didn't object to the ethanol farce because it was the only solution that we could market to the stupid people as science. But Al Gore outed the truth. So taxes it is. "

And they want us to buy into their science. I don't think so.