Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Marvin Lewis is a loser

I knew Marvin Lewis was a loser 8 years ago when he took a job with the Cincinnati Bengals.

Seriously, name a winner in life who has any relationship with the Mike Brown and the Bengals.

But I recognize that coaching spots in the NFL are few and far between so I could look past Lewis's sins provided he could persuade the Bengals to change their stripes.

But like all things related to that scumbag Mike Brown, Lewis soon became "Bengalized", a loser with no motivation beyond mediocrity. So it should be no surprise that a mediocre team would be more than willing to keep a mediocre coach to keep doing what they do best..... More mediocrity.

The NFL is the perfect poster child of why socialism doesn't work. Teams like the Bengals can continue to extract money from their (larger than average forehead) fans with no more reason than they can.

And like all Bengals fans they can sit and cry about how the team doesn't make the changes they need to all while cutting checks for next year's season tickets........... While the better NFL teams keep playing.

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