Thursday, January 06, 2011

This gives the Crosstown Shootout a whole new meaning

I'll be at the Crosstown Shootout tonight but I won't be able to pack my .380 because the UC campus has a campus wide gun ban.

It's no secret that student who walk just two blocks off campus are targets for criminals......

UC Police are on extra alert in advance of Thursday's Crosstown Shootout, which will bring thousands of people to campus.

An area around Short Vine has seen a recent rash of violence.

A 20-year-old student was attacked and robbed on Monday night as she was leaving a bar off Short Vine. Police say the attacker slid into the passenger side of her car and demanded that she drive him to an ATM and withdraw money.

He forced her to drop him off at a church on Martin Luther King. Police reported the suspect didn't have a gun and didn't overtly threaten the victim.

This is the third robbery near UC's campus in the last two weeks, so police have issued a campus wide alert.

There were two other robberies on Short Vine Street on December 29, also involving UC students.

A group of college students were robbed just after midnight, and a second robbery was reported a few minutes later on the same street.

Here's an idea. How about having law abiding citizens being allowed to carry an equalizer?


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