Friday, January 07, 2011

Walk the talk

I could tell you I want to be slim and fit but if I eat 6300 calories a day and don't work out, would you believe my talk?

I could tell you I want to be a millionaire but if I spend every nickel I get on video games and refuse to work overtime would you believe me?

So when the Obamunist try to proclaim that they are "pro-business" how can you believe them when this is the kind of anti commerce activity coming out of their White House...........

Even as other nations press ahead with plans for deep-water drilling, Obama continues to block offshore oil and gas projects in the U.S. Despite the symbolic lifting of the deep-water drilling ban back in October, no new projects have been approved. Even those already approved have been halted by the president's interior secretary, Ken Salazar.

Now, in another political tease, the president has announced that drilling projects approved before the Deepwater Horizon accident may possibly be allowed to resume, though under strict new guidelines yet to be finalized. As announced on January 3, sixteen drilling projects that have been halted since the Gulf spill may be allowed to resume, but the administration offered no guarantees that they will in fact receive approval.

Once again, Obama is playing "Mother, May I?" with the energy industry. It's good politics to appear conciliatory at a moment when gas prices are rising. But Obama never seems to follow through. Oil and gas production in the U.S. continues to lag. Instead of streamlining energy production, the president has created an entirely new agency to regulate offshore drilling (the ponderously titled "Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation, and Enforcement," or BOEMRE) and staffed it with a former Clinton Justice Department lawyer. This new layer of federal bureaucracy, like all government bureaucracy, has done nothing but delay and forestall production. Obviously, Obama is in no hurry to increase offshore drilling.

Now keep in mind that US oil production would do more than just create good union jobs for platform worker. In additon, it lessons our dependence on foreign oil, reduces our deficits from the oil royalties, it shores up the stability of the dollar by reducing our trade deficits, reduces gas prices which can spark more economic activity.

So when these guys try to tell us their "pro-business", I say how about doing something pro-business.


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