Thursday, January 13, 2011

Question of the day?

A man walking his dog has found a black bag holding ammunition that authorities believe was discarded by a gunman accused of trying to assassinate an Arizona congresswoman.

Chief Rick Kastigar with the Pima County Sheriff's Office told The Associated Press that an 18-year-old found the bag Thursday morning in a neighborhood near where the suspect lives. He went to get another man, who looked inside and saw ammunition.

Authorities have said the suspect, and his father got into a confrontation over the bag at their home in the hours before the shooting.

All this brings a question to my mind. Where did this guy get the money to buy his gun and all his ammunition.

A new Glock is going to run you $500. Even a used one in good condition is probably going to go for over $400.00. In addition, the special clip he loaded had to cost a few bucks.

Frankly, 9 mm ammunition has been almost impossible to find in Cincinnati and when you can get it it runs for $30 a box.

We know this guy had no job. Where did he get the cash to finance his murder spree?

I just can't see myself going to my folks and asking "Hey mom, can I get $500 for a Glock?" It doesn't sound as though this guy's parents were made of money.

I'm curious as to whether this guy was getting an SSI check for his mental issues. If so, we can thank the Social Security Administration for subsidizing an assassination attempt.

In addition, we should question how a guy who was receiving disability payments for a mental disorder could qualify for a gun purchase.

The article notes that he used a credit card to buy the ammunition but how did he did he pay on a credit card with no job? On top of all that, the guy was a regular pot smoker. Does his dealer swipe credit cards? The people I'm familiar with typically work on cash only basis.

Just a thought.


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Anonymous said...

My Glock 19 cost $550 new and 9mm ammo is $9/box at Walmart for full metal jacket. I didn't read anything about the bullets, but if he really wanted to kill someone he would be using hollowpoint bullets at $30/box.

What I don't get is why anyone cares about finding ammunition. Anyone who has loaded a magazine before--especially a 30 round clip--knows it would take way too long to reload a clip on the spot.