Monday, January 10, 2011

Why do we continue to glorify shooter punks?

You won't find the name of the douche bag who decided shoot a bunch of people this past weekend on this blog.

You also won't find the name of any other list of losers and derelicts who have no life so they try to make a name for themselves by shooting up a whole bunch of innocents.

Years ago, you couldn't watch a sporting event without seeing some dumb ass run on to a field or court to show off. After Monics Seles was stabbed, TV executives decided they would no longer show these dumb asses on TV. Today, you rarely have these dolts doing it.

You see.... even your low man on the food chain, sports executive understands that you if don't give dip shits a venue, they'll go away.

Unfortunately, network TV news hasn't gotten the memo. So they'll continue to glorify this punk for doing something heinous, creating an environment for someone other idiot to one up him.

I guess I understand that someone of prominence was part of this shooting, but how is this anymore tragic than the 100 black men who are gunned down on our American streets during any one weekend?

In Cincinnati, we have a case where a father and son each killed their respective children (one was three years old, one was three months).

Are you going to tell me the shooting in AZ was more disgusting than that?

In addition, I got sick of watching TV & reading blogs trying to place a political motivation behind these shootings.

I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that this guy never read Sarah Palin's blog and noticed the bulls eyes on the state of Arizona.

Instead of looking for a political motivation, why isn't anyone interviewing his parents? I'd be shocked if this guy came from an intact, functional, two parent family.

It's my belief that most of these spree shooters are a product of culture that protects their little ones from all adversity in life..... to the point that we can't even keep score to a soccer game. As a result, when these clowns actually have to deal with truly difficult adversity (like a relationship break up, getting kicked out of school, getting fired) they totally unravel.

But no..... the same same old reporting will occur and now the next Mark Lee Asshat or the next Robert David Dipweed or Andrew Wayne Moronovich will have an even bigger goal to achieve.

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Anonymous said...

You don't see mention of the fact that the shooter went to a public school. Sounds silly that it should be mentioned, right? But it makes as much sense to blame his school as it does to apply political motivations. Clearly the left is trying to score a couple points with this.