Thursday, February 24, 2011

How about abstinence

Remember the good old days when Ayds was a dietary candy, milk was sold in glass bottles and how we were told that oral sex wasn't really sex and was really the ultimate safe sex.


What's the leading cause of oral cancer? Smoking? Heavy drinking?

Actually, it's oral sex.

Scientists say that 64 percent of cancers of the oral cavity, head, and neck in the U.S. are caused by human papillomavirus (HPV), which is commonly spread via oral sex, NPR reported. The more oral sex you have - and the more oral sex partners you have - the greater the risk of developing these potentially deadly cancers.

"An individual who has six or more lifetime partners - on whom they've performed oral sex - has an eightfold increase in risk compared to someone who has never performed oral sex, Ohio University's Dr. Maura Gillison, said at a recent scientific meeting, according to NPR.

It's news that might alarm some parents, who worry about adolescents' appetite for oral sex.

"Today's teens consider oral sex to be casual, socially acceptable, inconsequential, and significantly less risky to their health than 'real' sex," Dr. Gillison and colleagues said in a written statement released in conjunction with the meeting.

Now ask yourself this question. If the only health risk to smoking was the potential to get HPV in your mouth do you think we would encourage kids to abstain from smoking?

Does that mean that some kids will smoke despite our teaching?

Why do we continue to believe in this fable that if we teach kids to have sex but to just do it "safely" that somehow that minimizes the public health risk.

Yesterday, I was in a convenience store listening to this teenager bitch about her baby daddy's lack of parental skills. She went on and on about what a dead beat he was.

The whole time I kept thinking "do you think it might have been a good idea to assess this character before you screwed him and made a baby with him".

But the fact is there is no shame in being a dumbass in this world anymore. Having a child out of wedlock is not only no longer a big deal but is financially profitable.

There are numerous public health risks associated with multiple partners and yet our response is to make sure kids carry condoms with them.

That's not education........ it's a loading a gun and handing it to a kid.


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