Sunday, February 20, 2011

What the Wisconsin strikes mean

For a while, I've been trying to figure out the best metaphor for what's been going on with the union protests in Wisconsin.

To me it's like the guy who I pay to do my lawn work. He asks me for a raise to which I tell him I can't afford to pay him more.

So even though he doesn't get a raise, he still has enough money to take time off of work and buy a picket sign so he can stand in front of my house telling my neighbors what a cheapskate I am.

The fact is. As much as I thought John Edwards was a big time creep yet he was right about the two Americas. We are in a culture war between contributors and consumers.

The contributors are ones who pay the bills and the consumers are the ungrateful assholes who do nothing but whine for more all while the contributors are reaching the tapped out point.

The Tea Parties are nothing more than the contributors making a statement......

"how about getting out of the wagon and helping us pull the damn thing for a change".


Anonymous said...

People need to get out of the mindset that pension values are guaranteed. My 401k is in stocks and it's value bounces like crazy. But even if I was 100% in cash, it's value at retirement cannot be guaranteed. Based on inflation, $100 in 2030 might buy 10 pounds of steak or 10 ounces of hamburger.

In other words, if we continue borrowing and printing trillions to fund entitlements, those entitlements will be worth less anyway. Realistically, unions should be more concerned with how their pensions are funded than what wil the nominal payouts will be.

If I were a public employee and my retirement was managed by someone else and funded from taxes collected in the CURRENT YEAR and borrowing against taxes anticipated in FUTURE YEARS, I would be terribly worried and angry. Even an eighth grader intuitively knows that a secure retirement fund is backed up with principal, not the ability of politicians to pick the pockets of future citizens.

The rank and file is angry, and the people responsible for the mismanagement of their future are now trying to redirect that anger by blaming republicans.

I hate to say it but I think the best way out of this mess is for some high profile bankruptcies to be declared and for public pensioners to get 20% on the dollar for their retirement. That's the only way the message will get out. Then, in the future, the public pension should be outlawed forever. Every pension owner (person) should have a separate individual account with principal. Just like a 401k. Anything wider in scope simply invites abuse, and the little guy always gets screwed. Just like we are seeing b

Anonymous said...

Democrat lawmakers are hiding out to block the votes. . How is this not a vote to shut down the Wisconsin government? Yet the media will portray this as courage. Normal people won't fall for it.