Thursday, February 24, 2011

Just play a gay character

Apparently, some folks have their panties in a bunch because there's not enough black actors nominated for the Oscars...........
Whoopi Goldberg said Wednesday that the lack of black nominees in major categories of this year's Academy Awards doesn't reflect a trend in the film industry.

Speaking after hosting the opening of an exhibit of Oscar statues inside New York's Grand Central Terminal, Goldberg underscored that five black actors have won Academy Awards since 2002.

"I don't know how it gets better," she said after posing for pictures. "I think we're all right."

Goldberg recently said on her show "The View" that she was upset about an article in The New York Times citing the lack of black nominees this year because it didn't mention her supporting actress Oscar for 1990's "Ghost."

The Times said she misread the story and that it was not meant to be a comprehensive list of all actors who had won Oscars. Goldberg later apologized for calling the reporting sloppy.

She tried to clarify her comments about the story Wednesday, saying it was inaccurate to think there's "something wrong" with the way blacks are represented at the Oscars. She said strides have been made since 1939 when Hattie McDaniel won for best supporting actress, becoming the first black awarded an Oscar.

Hey, just follow my advice. Here's how you get an Oscar nomination. Play a biographical character. Nelson Mandela, Idi Amin, Ray Charles, Mohammed Ali, Malcolm X characters have all been nominated.

Play a sadistic madman. Worked for Heath Ledger and Anthony Hopkins.

Play a character with obvious mental/physical handicaps. Worked for Dustin Hoffman, Tom Hanks, and the dude from Shine.

Or play a gay man. That's always a sure fire way to be nominated. I've got to think that a b Black gay character is a slam dunk.

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