Friday, March 04, 2011

They're conservative until it hits their wallets

I rarely listen to Bill Cunningham, alleged conservative talk show host on WLW. But I do catch the beginning of his show when I forget to turn to another station after Doc Thompson's show is over.

For the past few days, Cunningham has been bitching about SB 5 and how it's a bad bill. I have asked myself the question, why would Cunningham object to state budget reforms?

Of course, like most questions in life, when you answer money, you'll be right 90% of the time.

And it would be no different for Cunningham. His wife is a state judge and subject to the reforms of state pensions. Of course he wouldn't want to change those pensions, it means more money for he and the missus. When they retire, they'll be residing in Florida while the remaining state citizens will be bailing out these absurd pensions.

But I guess I can't blame him. He needs more money to support his derelict son.

It's so easy to be a conservative when it's money out of someone else's pocket. But when it comes to your own............

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