Friday, March 04, 2011

Why people hate public employee unions

Have you ever try to get service from some union protected stooge at a government office?

When SB 5 comes to vote next November (after the union puts it to public referendum), I think it's going to be hilarious when that a-hole, who wouldn't help me get into that calculus class, is now asking for me to support their big ass pension. Or how about the woman at the permit center who closed her window because it was 4:01 and closing time is 4:00. Or the day before a three day weekend when the absentee rate for government employees is about 30%.

Good luck with that.

But we have more current examples like this...........

A dozen Town Hall clerical and custodial employees won the right to get coffee and milk paid for by taxpayers, and the town must reinstate dress-down Fridays, officials said this week.

Recently, the Connecticut State Board of Labor Relations sided with United Public Service Employees Union Local 424-Unit 21, saying the town violated the Municipal Employees Relations Act by retaliating against the union for attending and making certain comments at a Jan. 26, 2009, Board of Finance meeting.


Nah.... shit like this won't impact the public's view of public unions.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, my dad was plant manager of a small factory in Michigan. Every Christmas he would buy 40-50 turkeys for the employees (and a bottle or Riuniti). Well, in the 80s they went union and demanded to have the turkeys in their contract.
It wasn't too long before most of those employee were getting government cheese instead of turkeys. That plant shutdown and the company moved my dad to another (union-averse) plant across the street.
And what has the United Steelworkers done for YOU lately?