Thursday, March 03, 2011

When there's a strike and no one cares

Often it seems that what the media is reporting on and what the general population is discussing is parted by a chasm the width of the Grand Canyon.

Take the NFL strike/lockout. All day today, the national sports press has been all over "the story". Maybe someone can explain to me how a sport that won't even have preseason for another 5 months is news today?

Seriously, who gives a crap? I haven't heard one person in the past week bring up a pending labor stoppage between millionaires and billionaires.

But hey, that didn't stop our president from making a statement on the issue.

You may have a hard time remembering this president, given that Dog The Bounty Hunter couldn't seem to locate him while the Middle East was exploding.

None the less, he's always ready to take a firm public stand when it comes to a cop busting a potential burglar, he's giving his NCAA picks, or has a comment on the NFL strike.

Maybe that's why it's news.

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