Monday, October 24, 2011

Life in "progress" State - Illinois edition

Or as they say in the Mediterranean, Welcome to Greece........................
Illinois is losing the hearts and minds of the people who put people to work here.

The chief executives at some of Illinois' largest companies think economic conditions are better in neighboring states. They expect economic growth here to lag the nation's growth. They believe Illinois taxes are a roadblock to investment. They have no faith that political leaders will use the 67 percent income tax increase imposed this year to put state government on firmer financial ground.

The business leaders have no confidence in Illinois' ability to compete with its neighboring states.

They have no confidence in its ability to resolve its fiscal crisis.

They have no confidence in the state's political leaders.

The Chicago Tribune editorial board surveyed 45 chief executives at large, publicly held companies based in Illinois. The results should be a wake-up call. The executives delivered a thudding vote of no confidence in the leadership and direction of the state they call home.

Sounds like the same vote of no confidence towards the president from that very state.


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