Monday, October 24, 2011

Who did he vote for? #109

Meet Vincent Pickens, or at least his resume.

Why is Vince in the news?

Let's just say he's one of the 99%ers. But at least he's looking for a job...... I think.

Here's a sample of his resume

Lazy m@ther f$%ker

Sit my ass on the couch corporation -
Champaign, IL


Don't do shit. sit there smoke weed and eat all the f^&kin food in the damn house. Also search the school yards for 7 year old girls..

Fork Lift Operator/Customer Service

HK Systems -
Peoria, IL

June 2007 to June 2009

* Loaded and unloaded products from trailers to dock
* Checked Inventory in/out using Oracle scanning
* Placed products into proper location using to record location
* Assured accuracy of parts on Caterpillar Engine
Assembly Line

So in 2008, let's assume this guy found enough energy to get to a polling station. Did he pull the chain for Obama or McCain?

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