Wednesday, May 23, 2012

If I were to count my toes and come to nine how would I know if I under counted or over counted when my actual count was nine?

If that sounds totally moronic then you'll never be an employee of the census bureau.........

The Census continued to miss blacks and Hispanics in 2010 despite achieving what was probably the most accurate count in the nation's history, according to Census analysis out Tuesday.
The Census counted 36,000 too many people — a slim 0.01% net national overcount. In the previous Census in 2000, there was a 0.49% overcount.

The latest Census missed hundreds of thousands of blacks, Hispanics, renters, young kids and middle-aged men of all races.

People who are here illegally or are poor are harder to find and count because they move more often and may avoid government contact.

The largest undercount of any racial and ethnic group — 4.88% — was of American Indians on reservations.

Offsetting that, the Census overcounted non-Hispanic whites, middle-aged and older women and homeowners. Americans who have two residences, such as college students and snowbirds, are more likely to be counted twice.


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Anonymous said...

I am waiting for them to add what they think they missed, maybe even add a few more tens-of-thousands so these groups get their fair representation. Oh yeah, register them to vote while you're at it.