Wednesday, November 07, 2012

The United States of Greece

Today will be all the post mortems on how Romney lost this race.

Frankly, I don't believe that there was ever anything that Romney could have done.

If anything, when he made his 47% comment, he was wrong. We have now reached the critical mass of 50% of this country who are in the wagon while the rest pull.


How do you persuade a perfectly healthy, educated woman who believes that it's OK for others..... no..... it's her right for others to pay for her birth control?

That there are populations of people who believe that their cell phones are simply manna from Obama without cost to anyone and "that he's going to do more".

How do you get through to a population of people when media outlets won't even cover the planned assassination of a US ambassador and subsequent cover up by the administration?

How do you convince working collar types that excessive regulation hurts middle class job opportunities?

I was kind of surprised with my own emotions when I saw Ohio go down last night. Frankly, I was indifferent. I'm 50 years old. The Gekko's have no children. We've got plenty of savings and job opportunities. I'm old enough that I'll probably be able to get a social security check or two. We're going to do fine.

When gas prices spike, we'll just fill up as we always do. Just like we'll absorb tax increases and utility cost spikes. When groceries spike, we'll just grin and bear it. The Obamunists will never hurt me.

But when we want new carpeting or funiture in our home, we'll squeeze out another year or two on what we already have. We'll hold off another car purchase until our existing cars start following apart. Our vacations will be less luxurious. And who gets hurt when all those John Galts start tigthening their belt? Hint....... it's not rich people.

But as I've said repeatedly from the time I started this blog, I'm not a conservative for me. I'm a conservative for those who don't have the opportunities I have. In many respects, I'm a conservative because I'm trying to save liberals from themselves. Kind of like trying to protect your kids from their own stupid decisions.

Finally, I'm also a conservative because I don't want our country to look like Greece. We already have Greece. The world doesn't need another.

Unfortunately, our country has reached the point where too many people get too much free stuff to turn it around now. Now we can all just watch the clock for the coming implosion.


Anonymous said...

Obama won and today everyone's retirement accounts lost value. They say a middle class person voting Republican is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders. Who knew there were 60 million people who don't want to retire?

Anonymous said...

You are right on the money there Gordon. I could not have said it better myself. If you look at the classic Romney voter last night, you would see very much consistency in their viewpoint. Especially the part about seeing the result--not the intent--but the result of liberalism hurting the people it claims to want to help. There is no classic Obama voter. The Obama coalition is comprised of a group people who's common thread is is having a wide variety of narrow grievances that they think can be addressed by government. That's why, after four years, we still have not heard a clear vision from Obama of how he plans to address all the grievances. First off, he can't address all of them, and second, he apparently doesn't have to in order to be elected.

Sister Gekko said...

This is sister Gekko feeling the need to express my thoughts about last night.

I'm over 2000 miles away and I am deeply saddened about Nevada albeit only 6 electoral votes. It just goes to show the trend of our nation.

Republicans were dominant from the late 60s to late 80s. The population of the Silver State has more than tripled since 1980, mostly due to the influx of Californians who were running away from the mess they created there and driving our home prices to an exorbitant high only to crash and burn in 2008.

I'm with Gordon in that I know I will be fine. I'm conservative because of my children and my future grandchildren and how being a Progressive nation will affect them.

I tried to instill in my kids early on to work hard, take responsibility for their lives and to look at the demographic of the democrat and ask themselves this question "Is this who you want running the United States of America?" I certainly don't!