Monday, May 13, 2013

Animal Farm

The city of Cincinnati is swirling down the fiscal drain, but that doesn't keep the elected officials from looting the city treasury like some kind of third world dictator..............

As Cincinnati grappled with a $35 million deficit and first began to consider laying off police and firefighters, Mayor Mark Mallory and several members of his staff took a 10-day trip to Spain.

The purpose of that trip, from Feb. 21 to March 3, was to meet with the company building five vehicles for Cincinnati’s long-planned and now financially troubled streetcar system at its factory in Zaragoza, Spain.

The mayor said he seized the opportunity to do double duty by pitching the city to businesses while there.

But critics counter that the mayor’s job is in Cincinnati -- especially when difficult decisions are on the table.

Mallory and staff members were in Europe when the city manager first announced the possible layoff of 338 municipal workers as a means to balance the city’s budget. 
But this isn't just one trip, this dude is a world traveler, all on the city's dime.......

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