Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Johnny come lately

How dumb is your average print media member?

Dumb enough to take five years to figure out what at least 47% of the public has known from the beginning.............

How can Republicans in Congress work with President Obama when they can't trust him to be an honest broker or treat them with respect? If Obama isn't blaming Republicans for his inability to advance his agenda, he's calling them names. During Monday's White House press conference, Obama reiterated his disgust with the GOP's doggedness to get to the bottom of what happened in Benghazi. 

You know what I think is happening here. Obama has outlived his usefulness to the media so now it's time to throw the black dude overboard.

Everyone knew about his Chicago style politics but all the media turned a blind eye. But people like this writer was more than willing to support "The One" because his winning meant that republicans were getting their asses kicked.

Trust me this chick didn't just get the smelling slats of reality waved under her nose.

If Obama had another election to win, she be right there wiping his rear end like the rest of the main stream DNC entourage.


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