Thursday, May 16, 2013

Benghazi.... they still don't get it

The media seems to be focusing on the Benghazi emails and talking points because the media is pissed that Jay Carney lied to them.............Seriously.

But, in my mind the talking points issue is the culmination of lots of issues.

Here's the list of questions nobody's asking.

1) Why would you put a diplomat in such a volatile place without appropriate security? It's not like this area was a Toronto outpost for the Canadian embassy.

2) The administration felt it important enough to run drones all over the place there yet none of them were armed. Why? Who made that call?

3) Chris Stevens, the administration's ambassador begs for more security and again was denied. Why and who made the call?

4) During the attack, who made the call not to send any support? Let's assume that it was a forgone conclusion that help probably would not have made it in time, do you not even try? It was your freaking ambassador for cryin' out loud!

How about at least sending a team if for no other reason than to secure the area so that the news media and terrorists aren't picking through the rubble for information a week after the fact.

5) During the attack, where the hell was the President? Did no one find the need to cue him in on events? If one of my ambassadors was under attack, I would sure as hell would like to know.

It appears that the state department spent more time and effort writing talking points to cover their collective asses than attempting to protect and evacuate one of their own.

6) It took three days to identify and start the hunt for the Boston Marathon bombers. Yet it's been over eight months and the only public evidence that the FBI is doing anything is a photo of a guy that looks like a Rohrschch pattern. Who's in charge of the investigation? Why did it take so long to get boots on the ground over there? Who made that call?

7) Finally, it looks like the only person who will face justice in this mess is Bassely Nakoula, the person who produced the infamous video that we now know was a snipe hunt for the media. For sure, it was a parole violation on his part, but he never would have been on the state's radar of the feds hadn't told them to go get him, who made that call?

I'm just a guy in Redville, Ohio who has these questions, yet not one "journalist" has even bothered to investigate this or at least ask Jay Carney during the press briefing. Are these people clueless?

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