Tuesday, July 09, 2013

The Regulists

When people accuse the Obamunists of being socialists, I'm always quick to correct them.

See when you are a socialist, you become responsible for delivering goods and services to the public.

As a result, you get the blame when people can't get their hands on toilet paper or a mammogram or a coal burning electric plant.

What the Obamunists are "regulists". See they regulate the shit out of everything, thus controlling what they want but being able to pass the blame to the companies that deliver the goods and services.

So when you can't get that mammogram, the regulists blame it on some greedy business owner.

It's the best of all worlds.

So when the price of your utilities spike and your bank kicks up the service charges on their accounts, remember this.............. "I told you so".............

The Obama administration’s newly detailed rule-making agenda for the coming year would cost in excess of $130 billion to implement, according to a conservative-leaning group that tracks regulations.

The American Action Forum (AAF) review follows the administration’s belated release last week of its spring Unified Agenda, a document that is traditionally issued twice annually and contains updates for hundreds of rules in the pipelines at federal agencies.

Let me ask a question, when prices go up and jobs move overseas because of the excessive regulation, who is impacted the most?

1) George Lucas
2) A radiologist
3) An unemployed steel worker
4) Aaron Hernandez
5) John Boehner

More: http://thehill.com/blogs/regwatch/pending-regs/309797-obamas-planned-2013-regs-would-cost-over-130-billion-study-says#ixzz2YZDLXO7i

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