Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What the hell is wrong with our country

I sometimes believe I'm in some sort of alternative universe where people who do the "right" things are persecuted while people who participate in evil are actually celebrated.

Take the Boston Marathon bombers.

Common sense would probably tell you that the front of the court house would be populated with people looking to tear apart any d-bag who participated in the bombing.

However, in today's world, common sense need not apply. Instead we get idiots like Lacey Buckley..............

Lacey Buckley, 23, said she traveled from her home in Wenatchee, Wash., to attend the arraignment. Buckley said she has never met Tsarnaev but came because she believes he’s innocent. “I just think so many of his rights were violated. They almost murdered an unarmed kid in a boat,” she said.


Do you want to guess who this idiot voted for in the last election?

Maybe the bomber and Aaron Hernandez can set up an orgy in their jail cells with all the groupies.


Anonymous said...

The guy is innocent--until proven guilty. His rights WERE trampled and right now this guy is only guilty in the court of public opinion. Sure, he's probably guilty, but living in a free country we have the right to a fair trial and we're innocent until PROVEN guilty and judged by a jury of our peers.

And yes, it matters. Standing up for the rights of someone who is likely guilty of mass murder isn't popular, but if we assume people are guilty of a crime and throw their rights out the window, you'll get insane rules of engagement that jeopardize innocent people. 20 years ago we had the Ruby Ridge incident where snipers were given the green light to shoot on sight. Not too long ago in LA innocent people had their pickup truck turned into swiss cheese by the cops simply because they drove the same pickup truck as Christopher Dorner.

Our politicians seem to think the Bill of Rights is like a deck chair, to be brought in and out based on the weather. Tsarnaev has the same rights as you and I, whether you like it or not.

gordon gekko said...

My post really had less to do with Tsarnaev than some bimbo who would travel across the country to "support" some guy she knows nothing of and what little public knowledge we have of him is that he's a homicidal terrorist.

Not someone you'd think a girl would want to bring home to 'rents.

gordon gekko said...

By the way, maybe you can explain how his rights "WERE" trampled?

It seems to me that the Obamunists have listened to more of my phone calls than his.

Anonymous said...

For one, the guy wasn't read his Miranda rights until way after the fact. It is law enforcement's job is to enforce the law, not determine who is worthy of their rights or not. He wasn't innocent until proven guilty--he was labelled as guilty before they ever brought him into custody and his rights were violated.

The real outrage should come from the minority community. They are the ones that are frequently profiled as "someone we're looking for" and if law enforcement can get away with violating individual rights in the name of "we thought he was guilty", where does it end? I hope whoever was in charge of not giving Tsarnaev his Miranda Rights is publicly shamed and disciplined, because it is a precedent that shouldn't be set. Heck, the guy is probably guilty as sin, but his confession and everything else he said prior is inadmissible in court because they never read him his Miranda Rights and therefore he could end up being acquitted of any wrongdoing.