Monday, October 28, 2013

Brit Hume Challenges Juan Williams: 'Whose Idea of Better Coverage, the ...

You know as much flack as poor Juan got on this, I think I need to step in for the poor guy.

You see, I went to the Kaiser Foundation site to see what my insurance premium would be under Obamacare and I found that the premium would be $4000/year (333.33/month). Now that it a steep increase from what my premium was prior to going on my wife's coverage ($129/month).

But see, prior to Obamacare, I had no abortion or birth control coverage. For sure, as a 50 year old guy, I'm not thinking I'll need it anytime in the future. But who knows? If I somehow end up with an unplanned pregnancy, I'm sure the bills will be astronomical.

So is that extra coverage worth a $200 a month increase with a $1000 increased deductible?

According to guys like Juan, it must be because the government says so.

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