Wednesday, October 30, 2013

You have a choice, but it has to be the right choice

Sally Kohn, like most liberals in the crosshairs today, are espousing the following meme on the healthcare debacle. Sure we lied to you about keeping your existing healthcare because you now get extra special insurance above and beyond what you liked before.........

Conservatives are expressing shock and outrage that the Obama administration knew that many people in the individual insurance market would not be able to keep their plans once the Affordable Care Act took effect. Such shock is not surprising; overblown outrage is the stock and trade of conservative politics these days.

But here's what conservatives won't tell you, lest it undermine their theatrics: Many insurance plans are shutting down because they don't meet the higher bar of quality benefits required under Obamacare, and of those people who lose access to their plans, many will pay less and all will have better and more comprehensive options.

So of course, you may have liked your previous insurance but you now how mental health coverage you didn't have before. Pediatric dentistry, prenatal care, and birth control are also new coverages your too stupid to know you have. Even though you're a 50 year old without kids.

 George Will kick this in the nuts right here............

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