Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Obama League Management

Years ago, I worked for a large auditing firm. As part of any audit engagement, the CPA firm will issue a management letter to the company's management and audit committee.

On one particular audit, we were going to be issuing a particularly negative management letter to the company. Troublesome, because they pay your fee and if they don't like it, you won't be inivited back to do the next audit.

None the less, as we were working on the audit, I made a comment to one of the controllers that "everything was OK". My supervisor pulled me aside, and told me "Look, when you talk to these people, they need to get the message that nothing is OK. They're going to get a bad letter from us and the last thing we want is push back from the company telling us that they were blindsided. In the future, whenever you talk to these people, pick out something that is a problem. If you can't think of one, tell them the coffee sucks."

Basically, what he was telling me is to set people up for bad news. Start building the foundation for it so people aren't so surprised. You'll get less shit in the end.

It's also a spin off of the "under promise, over deliver" business mantra that you learn in, usually, your second day on a job........... any job.

So how is it that the Obamaunists so screwed up this healthcare roll out?  Did they just expect that people would get these insurance cancellations and say "oh gee Wally"?

Did they expect that the media would continue to carry their lagoon of water for them and just fail to report all this? Sort of, if a tree makes a sound and no one's around to report it, it didn't happen?

I'd call it Bush league. But idiots (ie liberals) would think I was referring to the last president.

Which brings me to what the president knows and when did he learn it? Literally. Maybe the media needs to ask the question of the inventory of knowledge this guy actually has. He's the Sargent Schultz of presidents.

Seriously, this guy has no idea what's happening in his own government unless it's reported on an ESPN crawler under a football game?

Heathcare.gov debacle - didn't know
Benghazi - Didn't know
NSA Spying - Didn't know
IRS targeting - Didn't know
Fast and Furious - Didn't know

The list goes on and on.

WTF does this guy do during the day? It's clearly not getting briefings from his underlings.

Now if you or I were running a company, any company, say, Lowes and we failed to tell the board that the earnings report would be 98% below estimates and the Board had to learn about it through the Wall Street Journal, how long would we keep our job?

I'm still wondering when the media is going to get the smelling salts and start really reporting the lack of management skills this administration has.

Bring us Bush League.

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