Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Life in "Progress" City

I drove by the old Showcase Cinema in Norwood (which closed a few months ago) and a thought came to mind.

If you live inside the city of Cincinnati, say, Northside, Clifton, Hyde Park, where would you go to watch "The Dark Knight"?

I could be wrong but I don't believe there is a theater inside city limits showing the movie.

So we have one more reason not to live inside city limits.


Anonymous said...

Seriously? You should check your facts more often-

gordon gekko said...

First, if you would have actually read the post you'd realize, I didn't state this as fact. I actually asked the question.

I didn't realize The Esquire played anything but smaller independent films.

I still can't think of a larger theater (like a Showcase) in the city.

gordon gekko said...

By the way, a 100 seat theater (art house) servicing an entire city of 330,000 people for what is the biggest movie in a decade?

Not exactly what I would call an amenity.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gordo,
Next time, don't make the statement "So we have one more reason not to live inside city limits"

You should have said "We might have one more reason not to live inside city limits, but I'm too lazy to do a 30 second google search to know for sure."

And if you want to have an argument about city amenities vs. township amenities, we can go right ahead. Does your township have a symphony? An opera, an nfl team, a university, a zoo, or an art house theatre?

And finally, I can no longer read or participate in this blog, seeing as you take the National Enquirer seriously.

It's been fun while it lasted,

gordon gekko said...

For the record there's a symphony in Blue Ash & Symmes Twp. which you would have known if you would have googled it.

If you want to call the Bengals an NFL team, I'd have to give you that one.

Your slam on the theater proves my point. I don't have to google to find one here in Redville (which you actually need to do to find one in the city). We have three within a ten minute drive.

The fact that the National Enquirer had to break a story the national press corp has known about since December says more about our liberal media than it does the National Enquirer.

Anonymous said...

Another progressive shot down in flames.

gordon gekko said...

I would very much like to debate an urban dweller related to the pro and cons of city living.

Trust me, I'm not a big fan of the suburbs (just ask Mrs. Gekko), but when we talked about where we would live when we got married, I really couldn't defend living in a city where I would be putting my wife at considerable risk.

These guys want to write us off as haters but the proof is in the numbers. People with money leave and those that can't, don't. So every city becomes an enclave for every one of societies losers.

It's bad enough that they want to inflict that pain on their own citizens, but to inflict that pain on our country is too much.

Anonymous said...

Gee, I can't remember when the last time I went to the symphony, playhouse in the park, or the MFL game.

However, I have enjoyed plays at the Loveland Stage Co., high school concerts and my kids soccer games. Oh and the lower taxes, nicer roads and less crime of my township.

gordon gekko said...

Tomorrow night, ole Gordon will be in Blue Ash enjoying a free concert by the Rusty Griswolds.

I don't need to go to the city for one of those.